Water restrictions & 100°F days: It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature

Okay, let’s begin: everybody is on board with their three days a week watering restrictions from Cal Water. As mentioned in my previous news alerts, we will be able to sustain our lawns when watering three days a week. We need to “work smarter, not harder.”

Lawn Aeration, Gypsum & Water Reduction

If you haven’t taken advantage of lawn aeration and addition of Gypsum followed by “Reservoir” water reducing product, now is the time to get on-board. The results we are seeing from this process are beneficial – allowing the water to percolate and increasing water efficiency. It gives you the impression you are watering five days when only doing three days; it’s that big of a difference! You don’t see run off on lawns or water being wasted into the curb and street.

Proper Irrigation

I can’t talk enough about good irrigation practices. We must check our existing sprinklers, nozzles (that are completely worn out), and leaky pipes. We shouldn’t just be doing that because were in a major drought, as this should be a routine, yearly inspection. For people that do not want to hire services, I highly recommend you go see Chico Sprinkler down the north end of the Esplanade. They have all the right sprinklers, nozzles and, most of all, a wealth of knowledge that will help and guide you with the correct and precise calibrations.


Our custom blended Kelly Green slow release fertilizer has been reformulated to accommodate the excessive heat along with the new water restrictions. For example, if we fertilize your lawn and it is not a scheduled water day after the treatment has been applied, this new formulation will not burn your lawn and will sustain its effectiveness until the following day when it is your mandated watering day.

We’re Here to Help

In conclusion, I am here to offer guidance, knowledge, and assistance in helping set clocks properly. Take the time to email me at paul@kellygreenlawn.com or call 530-894-5762. I am here to help and happy to assist.