New Products

Going Green With Kelly Green! Kelly Green Now Offers Custom Products For Your Yard

Cal-Sul® Mini Pelletized Gypsum

gypsinfoSafe, non-toxic and will not burn. Specifically developed to penetrate through a dense, close-cut grass mat without the need for watering. Finely ground for fast action and efficiency, then pelletized for dust-free, accurate, hassle free application. A natural source of soil nutrients not found in most other fertilizer products.

  • Helps Soften Hard Clay Soil
  • Helps Improve Drainage in Hard Pan Soils
  • Helps Counteract Salt Injury
  • Helps Counteract Nutrient Imbalance and Toxicity
  • Helps Improve Fertilizer Response
  • Helps Promote Deeper Rooting
  • Supplies Essential Calcium & Sulfur

Remember, it’s not Green unless it’s Kelly Green.